Jan 1, 2022 I wanted to change the name of my blog postings from Ramblings to UnPhiltered, but it’s not possible in WordPress – the blog name is a one and done thing apparently. Oh well.
Consequently, occasionally I will post something here, a thought, a reflection, a review from my unfiltered self.

Jan 11, 2022 I recently read a NYT article referring to the recent trend, made more famous by the QAnon conspiracy supporters, to encourage people to “do your own research”. Skeptics and those who challenge authority figures (mainly scientists) tell people to do their own research, and if they do, they’ll find the truth and realize they are being lied to (the “Big Lie” included.)
As the NYT authors point out, doing your own research is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, very few people can do research, and it’s hard – just ask those who have pursued graduate studies and walked away without a PhD. (Even those with a PhD will confess how hard research is!) There’s a method to doing research, and finding the truth, and that method is taught in graduate school. Without the method any investigation is almost certain to result in insufficient or inaccurate findings and false conclusions. As a university professor with a PhD and many peer reviewed publications my advice is to avoid doing your own research, and seek out those who have both the skills to do the research, and who have done it for you. Then believe them.