What podcasts I listen to

I listen to the following podcasts on a regular basis.

My first thing in the morning go to is The Intelligence (daily) from The Economist. I also consistently listen the following weeklies: from The Economist there’s Checks and Balance, Drum Tower, and Money Talks. The really great thing about these podcasts is that you don’t have to subscribe to The Economist to listen to them. (Sometimes I wonder why I pay my $170 annual subscription when this is the case…)

I also listen to Up First from NPR and The Daily from the New York Times each day. Depending on the topic I also regularly listen to Babbage and The Economist Asks from The Economist, The Ezra Klein Show from the NYT, This American Life, What Next from Slate Magazine, Today Explained from Vox, NPR’s Short Wave on science, as well as NPR’s Planet Money. I often enjoy Fresh Air from NPR as well as The Long Read from The Guardian.