My Cameras

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My first camera was a Canon FTb because my father used one. I then progressed through a Canon AE-1 (a legend) to a “pro” Canon-the New F1. But it was a heavy sucker!  I have never used Nikon or Sony gear, and really don’t care for the “which is better” debate. I’ve seen too many wonderful photographs made using equipment – including cell phones – easily classed as rubbish, or consumer grade, or whatever. I am a gear guy, and love to use my big camera and lenses, but it’s all about the images in the end.

Canon R3 (next to the Canon 1DX)


Canon EOS-1D X


Canon EOS-1DmarkIII


Canon XTi (Digital Rebel)


Canon G-series (G1 and G3)
2000_ps-g1  2002_ps-g3

Canon Powershot S100 (my first digital camera)


Canon T90 (my last film camera)


Canon F1N with motordrive


Canon AE1


I know I left a few out (I had a Minolta digital camera that I took to Italy around 2005. It was a fine camera.)