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Welcome to my website.  Following the demise of, which I had hosted for over 10 years, I launched this website in 2013. It has a new host, a new look, and a new domain name (
Here you’ll find an academic section with details on my classes, and my research. Currently I am Senior Associate Dean and Associate Dean for Faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences, but I still teach courses for the Economics Department. There’s also a section about the consulting and expert witness services I offer.
I post occasionally to a blog called Ramblings.  Then there are my personal pages, that let me share a little of myself.  You can read about my obsession with my car, bicycles, photography, woodwork and a few other things.  My photography site has been around the web the longest and doesn’t get the attention from me it deserves I’m afraid.
I hope you find something of interest here. If you do, please comment via Facebook–or not. Thanks for visiting, and cheers!
Phil Ganderton
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Recent Posts

Riding simply

It is commonly known that the bicycle is one of the most efficient mechanisms for converting energy into motion. A bicycle uses about 10-20 times less energy to cover a kilometer than a car, and it consumes about 100-200 less energy to manufacture. It might not be 10-20 times more fun to ride a bike than drive a cool car, but it is fun. For me it’s also rewarding. I find the notion of propelling myself, using only my body and a simple mechanism, over distances up and down hills, making progress at my own pace.

I’ve had a lot of bicycles in my life – way more than the cars I’ve owned. Nearly all of them have been multi-geared bikes, starting off with 10-speed road bikes all the way to my current 20-speed bike (which at over ten years old is no longer “up to date” by any means.) Modern road bikes have wireless electric shifters, hydraulic disc brakes, and easily fall below the UCI weight limit of 6.8Kg.

But the last couple of years I’ve been riding my fixie. It’s a single speed bicycle with no freehub and no brakes. It’s the most simple a bicycle can be: frame, cranks and pedals, two gear cogs, chain and wheels, handlebars and a seat. But simple in structure and function doesn’t mean simple in design or composition. It is mostly made of carbon fiber, which is both strong and light. I have a couple of fixed gear bikes, but this one is a pure track bike, with tight frame, steep angles, and a very short rake for greater stability. It’s a bit slow out on the road, but immense fun!

This version of the fixie is all-carbon fiber. The tires are Continental GP5000. The bike weighs 14lbs – not super light, but a good weight.

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