0.2 Week One activities

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Week One activities for  Economics 212 – Personal Investing

You should do the following things in week one:
1. Log into Learn and familiarize yourself with the course as it appears there.
…watch the Introductory Video
…download the syllabus and topic schedule
Topics and Schedule [Click to download]
Syllabus [Click to download]
..make an “introduce yourself” post to the discussion board (not scored)
…complete the welcome survey

2. Check out this course content website. (This one, the one you’re at.)

3. Register on Marketwatch and find the course games. The practice games starts in September, the Main game starts in October. You can start to play the practice game on September 1 if you want. You can register and play games at any time during the semester, but I recommend you start early.

You DON’T have a quiz or any homework to submit this first week.


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