Video collection

Below are links to videos featuring Porsches. Racing cars, restored cars, reinvented cars, and new cars.

Another great “road rally” video compilation from a hillclimb. HD video and super sound of old and new Porsches.


Great 10 minutes or so of a 997 GT3 RS rally car making beautiful flat-six sounds and getting very sideways in a  wonderful display of car control.

Scary video of a GT2 chasing a Carrera GT on the Nurburgring during open public “racing.” Near the end the GT2 gets very out of shape…

A 1985 Carrera that has been reinvented – not really restored but reconfigured with some modern parts, some custom body panels, weight reduced to 2200lbs, 275WHP. Includes a test drive and lots of nice drive by video.

Youtube in-car of a few laps of Spa Francorchamps in a 1965 911 being driven by someone who really knows how to drive an early model Porsche! Check out how he drifts through Eau Rouge!

Collection of Nurburgring North Loop laps!

Hans Stuck narrates a lap of the F1 circuit and the North Loop in the BMW M3 GTR. What a car, and what a driver!