Spinning tops

I want to share my new-found interest in spinning tops. Also called pocket tops, or finger tops, they are small and meant to be held between thumb and fingers and spun with one flick. They are also referred to as every day carry (EDC) tops.

I have actually been interested in tops for quite some time, along with Sterling engines and gyroscopes. Anything that is small, and moves I guess!

The EDC top world exists on Facebook, and I’d guess has about 500-7,000 participants, although as is nearly always the case a few hundred people dominate as either makers or collectors. Some people only collect, while most collect and spin the tops. Since many tops are unique, or limited edition, the secondary market for tops is pretty active (like the market for old Porsches) and this attracts speculators as well.

I have acquired a few tops, described below.

Billetspin – Rich Stadler, WI


Topped Out – Harold Edwards


Focus Works – Jordy


Kemner Tops – Dave Kemner


Phoenix Designs – Jeff Pearce