Old and New Cayman, side by side

At the dealership, I parked my 2006 Cayman S next to the new 2014 Cayman S. Not the same black, mine being the metallic Basalt Black.


The new car is clearly bigger, and different in nearly every aspect, yet the similarities show an evolutionary rather then revolutionary redesign.


The basic shape has been maintained, but everything is slightly different. For example, look at the headlights in the photo above. The same shape, but the new one is slightly larger and the orientation of the lights within the housing make it look very different. Compare the radiator intake scoops: similar yet much more sculptured on the 981, and the “down and out” center scoop on the new car is more modern than the “up and out” lines of the older car.



The rear window of the 981 (on the left in this picture above) is perhaps the most substantial change from the 987. It follows the Panamera lines more, and even links more closely to the rear window profile of the classic 911.

Overall, I see the new car as far more modern than the (now) 7 year old 987. The car seems more substantial, “fatter,” and perhaps muscular. I like it…