I have been working as a consulting economist for nearly 30 years, and specialize in forensic economics–the application of economic models and analysis in legal settings.  I have also conducted analyses, written reports and made presentations on many topics, for many national and state government agencies, and many attorneys.


The best defense expert is one who has testified for the plaintiff, and the best plaintiff’s expert is one with defense experience. I have experience working on both sides of the case. Due to the prevalence of hedonic damages testimony in New Mexico, my defense/plaintiff testimony ratio is currently 80:20.
I co-authored a definitive paper on the practice of forensic economics in New Mexico appearing in the Journal of Forensic Economics, 2019. You can download a copy here.

I am available to assist attorneys in the following areas:
–Lost earnings and other economic losses in personal injury and wrongful death.
–Review of expert reports and consultation for depositions.
–Review and analysis of Loss of Enjoyment of Life (also known as Hedonic or Pleasure of Life) damages.

Other consulting projects:
Cigarette taxes
Convention and Tourism marketing
Teenage Pregnancy in NM
City Zoning and Takings
Value of water resources and rights
Real Estate Transfer Taxes
Voluntary Employee Benefits Association (VEBA)
Investment Basics Presentation

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