Cycling Truths

There are two kinds of winds: strong head winds and mild head winds

Potholes and speed bumps are always located in shadows, regardless of time of day and time of year.

It is always colder than you think it is while getting dressed to ride.

You are always over-dressed for the temperature, no matter how cold it is.

If there is just one goathead on the path, your tires will find it.

There is always some driver who believes bicycles should not be on the road.

Cracks and holes in the bike path will never be filled.

You will always get a puncture the day you forgot your repair kit and pump.

I always wave or nod to other cyclists, but there is always one who refuses to wave or otherwise acknowledge your existence. I pity their miserable lives.

The day you forget to wear cycling gloves is the day you will go down hard and put your hand out to save yourself.