My alter-ego: the “94-Rock Economist”

Back in 1992 (anyone remember back that far?) I was asked by TJ Trout, the host of the morning show on KRZZ (94 Rock) to come on his show and talk about the economics of Ross Perot (anyone remember him??) It was election year and Perot was running on many planks, but one was a more business-based understanding of national economics. There was, in particular, real concern about the national debt (boy, if only they’d have known how big it would get 20 years later!) Anyway, I went on the show, and that — as they say — launched my career in radio.

I “appeared” on the radio occasionally with TJ for many years until he retired a couple of years ago (maybe 2012.) During that time I was dubbed “the 94 Rock Economist” and “the Economist to the Stars.” The morning show continued just fine without me, but the guy who hosts it nowdays, Swami Rob, called me up and asked me to come back in to talk about savings and retirement. It was fun, and here’s an audio podcast if your interested.


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