Nearly the end of 2015…

…and I’ve kept this website alive, which I’ll call a Festivus Miracle, since I’m not a blogger, I’m not into sharing the fine details of my life with the world (friends or strangers through social media), and I’m lazy.

And I should wrap up the festive season with thanks (Thanksgiving), greetings (Christmas), and reflections (the New Year). Thanks to my family and friends, especially those who I have met in the Porsche club, for me feel wanted and special. Greetings to the same for joy in a world full of fear and trepidation. Fortunately hope remains. The future looks bleak only because the present is so wonderful. And the turn of the year is a time to reflect on the great achievements of the last 12 months, and a chance to wish for better in the next. I’m hopeful for more of the same, actually, not because I’ve become complacent, but because I’ve decided to pursue those things that bring me happiness. I did many of those things this year, and hope to do them again, in the next.

The list of worries facing the world in 2016 is long for sure. The ascendancy of the Islamic State, continued effects of global warming, the growth of nationalism in the United States, and the increasing influence of ignorance and bigotry. But in 2015 we saw a comet (67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko) encountered, photographed, and landed-upon, and Pluto visioned like never before, even in our imaginations! We finally (only in the last weeks of December) saw a rocket take-off, deploy cargo, and land safely back on earth. [Lots of other great things here] It was a fantastic year for the achievements of the human mind and spirit. Good and bad must stay in balance–one does not exist without the other. I’ll focus on the good bits right now.