Sometimes you just get lucky

Such as two weekends ago when I got an email from a friend telling me, and others from cars and coffee, that the local Porsche dealer had just received a Cayman GT4 in stock, and that this car had been a cancelled order. It was for sale, unlike so many GT4s that were all pre-ordered and most picked up by the buyer who placed the order. A few orders were cancelled and Porsche still made the cars and delivered them to the dealers.

After just one hour of indecision, I pulled the trigger and traded my 9-month old black GTS for this white GT4.


It’s the real thing! More details elsewhere on my website, but it’s certainly a car of my dreams. Not a GT3, but Porsche Motorsport division raided enough parts from the GT3 parts bin to make this a real track-oriented driver’s car. Bigger engine, firmer suspension, larger brakes, wider tires, and manual transmission and shifter that’s a smooth as budda…