Was SuperBowl 49 lost to hubris?

In a post-game interview, Seattle Seahawk coach Pete Carroll said (to paraphrase) that the second play was a throw-away, since they had the third down to let Marshawn Lynch (Mr. Beast Mode) make the big play, and the last play–if needed–to score the game-tying field goal. Talk a about a throw-away play…thrown right into the hands of Malcom Butler (Mr. Prediction!)


Photo by Mark Rebilas/USA Today/Reuters, from Slate online magazine

What coach Carroll displayed was, in my opinion, hubris plain and simple. A thrown ball is always riskier than a carried ball, yet he felt that the Seahawks, lining up with three wide receivers against a Patriot defense set against the run, could make the play and not only win the game, but win it in style. Hubris.


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