I was listening to a podcast and it was sponsored by a company called Anatha. It’s a company that provides services related to trading in cryptocurrencies. Well, I *think* that’s what it is…
Consider the Intro “About Us” blurb:

Disrupting structural violence isn’t simply a moral imperative; it’s an economic opportunity waiting to be unlocked. At Anatha, our mission is to help enable global human self-actualization by replacing structural violence with structural flourishing. The ability to deliver value and utility at zero marginal cost creates an environment in which our economic tools can move from being based on exclusivity and scarcity to inclusivity and abundance. Information is a renewable, sustainable resource.  We are simply proposing we leverage that resource to ensure no human being gets left out in the cold. We are contributing towards the creation of a global economy premised on equality, regeneration, altruism, and self-actualization. Platform activity directly aids its community with real, spendable value. Yes, it’s ambitious. But the advent of information age economic systems makes what once seemed impossible — a fair and rational economy that puts human needs first — not only possible but inevitable.

What the fuck? A mission to enable global human self-actualization? What IS that? What does it mean? Does this company, which issues its own cryptocurrency, provides wallet services, and distributes some share of “profits” back to subscribers (so it seems), really believe it has the “ability to deliver value and utility at zero marginal cost”? Does anyone working at this company even know what that sentence means?

Gobbledeegook bullshit like this has me really worried about the future. Yes, so too do global warming and the erosion of democratic institutions, but selling snake oil to gullible people using smoke and mirrors is something that really irritates me. Deeply.

I can only hope that nobody believes any of this crap, and steers clear of this company, and they go belly up – an outcome they not only deserve, but which is the only reasonable outcome.