I hate exercise

I have often said that I don’t ride my bicycle, now for over 40 years, because I like to exercise. In fact I have never seen riding as exercise. My love for bicycles and riding derives from the pure joy of riding. The aesthetics of the machine, the mechanism by which human movement is converted to motion by a bicycle, and the ability to move around an environment, whether urban or wilderness, are the things I love about riding.

Almost every morning I ride my bicycle, at least ten miles. I continue to dress in clothes designed for bicycle riding, tight fitting lycra shorts and tops with back pockets, shoes with rigid soles and special clips to attach to the pedals, gloves and a helmet. I look the part but the motivation is to feel comfortable and maximize the efficiency of the link between man and machine. I ride a mix of multi-use paths and suburban roads. The roads are smoother, but more dangerous. Go figure.