It’s Eggnog time!

Below I provide the recipe for my light and fresh eggnog.


Served plain, with cinnamon, or fresh grated nutmeg

Phil’s Famous Eggnog

12 eggs
1lb powdered sugar
1qt heavy whipping cream
1qt half-and-half
2cups rum
2cups brandy


Mixing the heavy whipped cream in to the yolk and sugar paste

Separate whites from yolks, keeping whites for later
Mix yolks in a pretty large mixing bowl
Fold in 1lb of powdered sugar until you have a light yellow paste
Add heavy cream and half-and-half slowly while stirring until you have a light cream liquid
Put in fridge for at least an hour to let the egg odor leave the mix
Add rum and brandy to taste. 1 cup each is pretty light alcohol, 3 cups each is pretty hard core, but nice…
I usually let this sit in the fridge overnight, then…
Beat egg whites until fluffy but not stiff
Fold beaten whites into liquid and pour into containers. (This makes quite a lot of eggnog…)


Mixture and egg whites waiting to be beaten