The Day After


There are a few things about a Trump presidency that worry me.

  1. With the Republicans controlling the White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate, there will be no checks and balances against Trump’s policies. Who will say no?
  2. Trumps election will give some of his supporters a green light to take their fear, hatred, and bigotry into their communities and act out against people who are different: women, minorities, those of different abilities, and those holding different beliefs.
  3. By electing Trump, the United States has set women, minorities, and those with different beliefs back an uncountable number of years. Any progress has been undone.
  4. Trump has promised a lot of things. Some promises he might keep: He has promised to nominate a Supreme Court judge to reverse Roe v. Wade. He has promised to reneg on US commitments to reduce greenhouse gases and slow global warming. He has promised to close the Environment Protection Agency. He has promised to repeal Obamacare. These things he could do, with the support of the Republican congress, much to the dismay and detriment of Americans.
  5. Some of the promises Trump can’t keep: He can’t build a wall and expect Mexico to pay for it. He can’t slap tariffs on Chinese goods and not expect serious economic hardship for Americans. He can’t put every American to work. He can’t lower taxes and not expect US debt to skyrocket. He can’t bomb the shit out of ISIS.