Yet more income inequality

Americans have some odd, but not unexpected, views of income distribution in the U.S. In a recent survey reported in Slate, they thought CEOs earned about 30 times what the average unskilled worker earns, and thought the optimal ratio should be only seven times. However the reality is that CEOs earn about 350 times what that unskilled worker earns. That’s $12million compared to $35,000!

But don’t get too depressed, there’s a path toward the top, (well, not the Mt Everest top, but something in the Rockies, for sure,) and that’s — drum roll, please — with an Economics Degree! Another Slate article reports on research that finds those with economics degrees out-earn even engineers (!) especially if you earn in the top half of your income distribution. (Top earning economists earn a lot more than top earning engineers, while low earning economists earn just a little less than low earning engineers.)

So get out there and earn an economics degree–and make bank!