It can wait. Really it can…

Distracted-DrivingI have strong feelings about distracted driving. I hate it. Every time I drive my car to and from work, I think about the distracted driver next to me, or behind me, or in front of me, about to do something really bad because they are not paying attention–100% attention–to driving. Driving near me.

Research findings indicate that driving while on a cell phone, or worse, while texting, is equivalent in outcome to driving drunk. Distracted driving might be worse, because many people think that having a cell phone conversation while driving is no different than talking to a passenger while driving, so they do it, all the time. Drunk drivers are vastly outnumbered by distracted drivers. But both are arrogant and selfish.

Famous film maker Werner Herzog was asked by ATT to make a short film about texting while driving. It’s compelling by any measure. Watch it. Please.